What to make your first game about

Making your first game can be daunting from the beginning, but by applying good process and staying consistent with your work will pay its dividends in due time. Coming up with an idea, however, requires a bit more creative and imaginative worldview.

Of course there are many games which exists as “clones” of other games, this is not inherently bad, because in the game design industry many mechanics and fundamental core ideas are borrowed from other games that have done it well and inspired the creator.

When thinking about the first game to create you should look back into the past where game designs and game concepts were more simple, the reason for this is because many will underestimate the amount of work it takes to make a fully finished game, especially a game of AAA or high indie status quality.

You are also going to need tools, not just a game development engine, but an asset creation pipeline, music creation engine, and the resources to make posts and create media buzz about your upcoming product.

Think of games like Astroids, or Pac-Man, where the fundamental core mechanics are simple to create, and simple to explain. Those two ideas will help bring your first game into fruition by not bogging you down with all of the intricate details and minutiae of a more complex game design.

Games like snake, where all of the actions happens in a single “screen”, or “room are much easier to design, as there is no need to worry about player save data, object persistence, or complex AI interactions with the player.

Start with a small idea first, we can all agree it’s better to have finished a game, than to have 1000s that you’ve only just started.