How to create a press release kit for your game

Having a press release kit, or media archive is very important for getting your game out there because it allows publishers and people talking about your team to find information, release dates, marketing material, and screenshots very easily. Your press release is a document you give your audience as proof you care and are thinking on your game as a product.

Having an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels are extremely important. Use a game hosting platform, like Steam by Value Software, or to host your game. A custom website for your game will allow you the most flexibility, as you want to release and distribute the most diverse amount of types of content. This also lets anyone who isn't already involved with your project to read your information and get informed about your product or game. You can use GAMEBIN's upcoming tools to host a press kit for your game.

Show your concept art, anything that you have that describes the game, even early sketches. Write about your game and put the content out there. Have a quick paragraph that people can tweet about.

Talk about your company, yourself, or the game development journey. If you have a game development blog, you should link to it and also provide many of the same materials from your social channels on that blog as well. Have something up about the development phase or the game before release, so that you can gain traction before the game's release. Keep your content updated and include all that's coming up.

Once you have all the essential resources that publishers and reviewers will need, and you have it posted, now becomes the important part where you need to reach out and have your Press Kit, social media, and website seen by multiple people. Read our guide on reaching out to industry contacts for more information.