Self Publishing your Video Game

Self publishing in many ways can be easier than finding a publisher, but in many aspects it will require much more work from your end. Self-publishing relies on a large list of connections, marketing copy, media and assets to go with your press releases, social media announcements, website and digital store assets.

From day 1, you have got to assemble a list of contacts, you can search on Twitter Facebook and other social media platforms to get the URLs and the email accounts of the authors of the blog posts for content related to your game and or market.

Make initial upcoming game announcements, keep your contacts in the loop throughout your development phase by providing them with media photos, teasers, screenshots, development logs and any other content you have available to share with them.

From day one your goal should be to get as many eyes on your project as physically possible, you do not want to be launching and trying to build your audience at the same time. It may see tedious constantly reaching out to people who don’t know you, but you have to remember this is a numbers game.