Make a Sploder Game in 5 Minutes

Sploder is one of the easiest ways to create games playable in a browser. With a visual editing interface, you can quickly spin up your own games very quickly, with no coding required. Make a platformer, a physics puzzle game, and even 3d games, your limit is your imagination.

How to Use Sploder.

Sploder is free and easy to use for your own free games online. Make your own arcade gamesplatformer gamesspaceship shooters, or space adventure games. If you're an advanced game maker, they provide make examples and demos, try the physics game maker for creating original minigames! You can even customize it with your own game art using their free graphics editor.

Making your first Sploder Game.

Mr.Guiles YouTube

Best Sploder Games by Community Members.

Because Sploder is made using Flash, games may not be available on many devices for much longer. The windows operating system will officially stop supporting Flash in browsers on December 31st, 2020.

Share Your Games with Everyone!

You can share Sploder your games on your Facebook, Twitter, your own web site, or send a playable link by email. They also have a great community with high scores, as well as stats so you can see how many people played your game. The official Sploder page can also provide the tools needed to share. The only limit to your creativity: your imagination.

Play Games and Cast your Vote!

You can vote on the games you play, and others can vote on yours. The most popular games are featured on their website.

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    extremely fascinating because I was browsing particularly for making music for non-apps

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