How video games affect pop culture

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  1. Film/Movies and Streaming
  2. Esports and Online Gaming Competitions

We look at the major AAA titles, blockbuster movie releases, and advertisements in apps and games on our mobile phones, it is clear that the state of the video games and industry is strong and ever-present.

Finding yourself son practically any message board relating to your video games, or popular culture and media, will almost always be filled with Memes and references to popular video game troops and situations.

When we look to the past we can see how the home consul change to the entire experience of what we now consider a game, from having games as an external outlet entertainment to an everyday part of the American life. Looking today towards virtual reality, and augmented reality only widens the possibilities for the integration between the real world and popular culture to intermesh and intermingle.

As more and more people play video games, outside of the generally regarded demographic of 18 to 24-year-old males, we will find and see more and more video game references in our average every day lives as time continues.

Film/Movies and Streaming

Perhaps one of the most prominent examples to happen recently was Netflix's special release of Black Mirror, "Bandersnatch". Full of dark humor and video game references, Netflix's interactive story allows the viewer to make decisions relating to the story. Many critics, however, claim that the writing and story involved in the episode were lacking, however, it should be noted that this was one of the first productions of its kind and scale.

Esports and Online Gaming Competitions

In 2018, Esports like League Of Legends, Dota 2, and many others had more viewers than the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League.