Starting your Indie Video Game Studio

Starting an indie video gaming studio may seem like the next logical step after making our first game, however it is very important that you make the appropriate steps and processes to create a successful outcome.

In many cases the first games that we make our very simple, and we don’t fully end up exploring the depth necessary to create published and polished video games.

There are many single person studios that exist in the world today, but from our experience, the best studios are the ones that work with the best people.

Creating a team is hard and difficult, but a great team will create a great game.

Come up with a good name, and come up with a good message, the thing that you are about, the thing that you represent.

Become visible online allow your games and name to be searched and found and begin talking about and promoting your upcoming games and ideas, even if they are unfinished or in early phases.

Also ensure that there any new games you have coming you take the proper steps to ensure a proper press kit or media package to be available.

Once the groundwork has been laid The initial work on the concepts can begin, and you can now begin to apply most, and many of the same steps you would take for any other game, now, you are working with the team, where your ideas will be challenged, and you will be expected to stay accountable for your work.