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Game Design Masterclass

Explore high-level game design and production courses that will bring you closer than ever to the game design pipeline. Learn from real industry veterans the secrets and tips of navigating the Design world. Expand your portfolio and design skills to be used in industries beyond Game Development.

Game Design is a huge field, leveraging parts of science, culture, and psychology.

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    Game Design Masterclass

    Explore high-level game design and production courses that will bring you closer than ever...

    Reading — 1 minutes

    Functional Game Design Theory

    As games in their current form, reach the age of f more than 40...

    Unread — 2 minute read

    Strategic Dominance in Single Player Games

    In scenarios where there is only one player, there can still be dominant and...

    Unread — 8 minute read

    Macro vs Micro Video Game Design Thinking Approaches

    If you’re looking for an article describing Micro vs Macro as a study of...

    Unread — 9 minute read

    Accessibility in Game Design

    What can we do to Improve Overall Accessibility? Accessibility means avoiding unnecessary barriers that...

    Unread — 8 minute read

    Video game pacing methods

    Video game pacing can be thought of in two main categories, the first being...

    Unread — 2 minute read

    One Button Video Games

    Consider that most RPG’s today required quick inputs, and a memorization of the skill...

    Unread — 2 minute read

    The Science of Player Motivation

    Almost every game relies heavily on extrinsic rewards. You accomplish a task and the...

    Unread — 4 minute read

    Health Systems in Video Games

    The hitpoint system is simple. That’s why it works. I once played a shooter...

    Unread — 5 minute read

    Achievement Systems in Video Games

    All games have goals. Used properly, achievements can provide an alternative set of “success”...

    Unread — 2 minute read

    Intelligent Avatars

    When most games provide a playable character, they exist as a “blank canvas” for...

    Unread — 3 minute read

    How to tell a Video Game Story without Words

    First off, why would you want to do this? Why make things so abstract...

    Unread — 4 minute read

    Creators Statement and Experimental Games

    How do we describe what a game is? More specifically, how do we describe...

    Unread — 4 minute read

    Cursed Problems in Game Design

    This article is based and researched from Alex Jaffe’s Cursed Problems in Game Design...

    Unread — 6 minute read

    Optimizing Dominate Strategies in Video Games

    Most Efficient Strategy for Winning Games First Order Optimal (FOO) Strategies are the lowest...

    Unread — 5 minute read

    Game Design Document

    Game Design Documents So now that we’ve thought about what our game might be...

    Unread — 10 minute read

Game Design Masterclass Topic Completion: 6%


    Indie Video Game Studios

    Indie video game studios are usually run by a small number of people, and...

    Unread — 3 minute read

    Video Game Publishers

    What do Video Game Publishers do? Real publishers can offer a wide range of...

    Unread — 3 minute read

    Game Design & Development Courses

    Game Design & Development courses provided by are one of a kind, ad-free,...

    Unread — 1 minute read

    The Gaming Industry

    What would we say if we could say anything about the gaming industry? Look...

    Unread — 1 minute read

    Making Your First Game

    Making a video game for the first time can seem just as hard as...

    Unread — 8 minute read