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    Indie Video Game Studios

    Indie video game studios are usually run by a small number of people, and usually, don’t have very much capital or resources to work with. Regardless of this many Indie Studios have been known to create beautiful, engaging, and groundbreaking/ world-changing video games over the past many years. Some of the most influential and transformational […]

    Unread — 3 minute read

    Video Game Publishers

    What do Video Game Publishers do? Real publishers can offer a wide range of services including funding, localization, hardware compatibility, market expertise, marketing, communication, etc. It really depends on the services you are after, but you should try to get a contractual quantification for every aspect (if PR, for example, number of articles in x […]

    Unread — 3 minute read

    Game Design & Development Courses

    Game Design & Development courses provided by are one of a kind, up-to-date, and sourced from real industry Game Developers. We cover the theory and practice of the fundamentals of Game Design & Development as well as an introductory to major concepts and ideas. Making Video Games as a Hobby Whether it's just you, […]

    Unread — 2 minute read

    The Gaming Industry

    What would we say if we could say anything about the gaming industry? Look how much it’s grown. There was a time long ago when some people believed that the games industry would be a passing fad and fade into obscurity. They turned out to be incredibly wrong, as consumers spent $108.9 billion in the games […]

    Unread — 1 minute read

    Making Your First Game

    Making a video game for the first time can seem just as hard as climbing a mountain before we've written the even first lines of code. If we follow the right steps, though, any task is doable. Here are the crucial steps we should follow when making our first video game. The Idea and Prototyping […]

    Unread — 8 minute read