Diablo 4 - 2020 Gameplay & Spoilers

During Blizzcon 2019, Blizzard Entertainment confirmed Diablo 4. No release date has been officially published. It's still too early (some areas of the game are still in concepting, while others are being actively implemented) - but we do want to make sure we're checking in with you on systems of interest as they come together, […]

Midwest GameFest 2019 Nov 14 - 17 Dates & Schedule

Midwest GameFest is a tabletop dream! Midwest GameFest is an annual four-day tabletop hobby game convention held each Fall in the Kansas City area. Come enjoy role-playing games, historical miniatures, board games, card games, organized play, cosplay, workshops, game designers, dealers, benefit events, a used game sale and more! Midwest GameFest is organized and funded by The […]

What new point-and-click adventure game innovations can be made in 2019?

In many adventure games, many players feel as though their experiences may be overly scripted. Many players rely on the expectation to tamper with and interact with the environment, however in many point-and-click adventure games unless there is a specific sequence or behavior associated with that particular action, little to no outcome is had. When […]

Best Scratch Music

The best music made in Scratch! Play it in your browser and listen to the great sound works of other Scratch Video Game Makers! Cats Music Player, Pop CREDIT TO AMETHYST FOR MUSIC jellicle songs for jellicle cats Also, I have a new name for my projects: Cat Creations (c) (on scratch) Members: Froststar1 Roseroc […]

Building Video Games at Home

Have you ever wanted to build video games sitting on your couch, or while eating a bowl of cereal? Surely, we've all that fantasy. A Big Idea and a Small Start Think of some of your favorite games, what genre were they? Did they have a particular game mechanic that you liked? Write these down […]

Game Maker Billboards z-Depth Issues May 20th

JP Okay. I feel like this has probably been asked 100 times. I have two texture quads that are overlapping in my game world. The transparent area of the front is knocking the back one out completely. I imagine it's because of the different blend modes. I'm wondering if it could be draw order related.Check […]

Dallas QuakeCon 2019 July 25 - 28 Dates and Schedule

Are you prepared for the Year of DOOM? According to QuakeCon’s official site, this year “will include all-new DOOM-inspired activities, events, exclusives, developer panels, hands-on demos, new information about DOOM Eternal, and a few surprises [Bethesda] aren’t quite ready to talk about.” Skip to Free General Admission Tickets QuakeCon starts on July 25th at 9:00AM and ends on […]

What's coming up with Mario Kart Tour, Summer 2019

Nintendo has been working away on their closed Beta of a new Android mobile game. Despite being announced in early 2018, we’ve yet to hear a single solid detail about Mario Kart’s first mobile entry. In early 2019 Nintendo pushed the game’s release from March to "Summer 2019," but hasn't announced a specific release date. In today’s earnings […]

Video Games for Education

1.2 billion people play video games worldwide. This is a rather significant portion of the population and if we ignore the negative consequences for the moment, which include addictive qualities and deprioritizing of school work, we can delve into the beneficial correlations between gaming and education. Video games are one of the most popular means of entertainment […]