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The best music made in Scratch! Play it in your browser and listen to the great sound works of other Scratch Video Game Makers!

Cats Music Player, Pop

CREDIT TO AMETHYST FOR MUSIC jellicle songs for jellicle cats Also, I have a new name for my projects: Cat Creations (c) (on scratch) Members: Froststar1 Roseroc (training)


Adventure, Orchestral

Instruments used in the song (Sorted by how much they are used) Violin, Clarinet, Violoncello, Bass, Clarinet, Viola, Horn, in F Trumpet Trombone. Put 2 days of work (combined total of about 8-10 hours) into this. This song is the best thing I've made so far, and probably will be the best (and only) thing I will have made for quite awhile.


Hamster on a Piano, Pop

Remix and add a dancing hamster! Mine is the one at the front with the love hearts coming out!


Realistic Trumpet, Instrumental

As a trumpet player, I decided to make a trumpet simulation. I also made this because I noticed there weren't a lot, if any, of instrument simulations that were very realistic. This simulation is extremely realistic. The notes all have the same fingerings as on an actual trumpet. So the note "D" is 1 and 3, a "G" is either no valves or 1 and 3, and so on. On problem with making a realistic trumpet is different notes can be played using the same valves, depending on your embouchure, so I had to have controls mimicking that. I figured programming a trumpet wouldn't be too impressive, so I also made it 1s1s. Unfortunately, Scratch doesn't have a command "play note _ until __" so the sound is very choppy. I might try to fix this if there's a version 1.2 Now for the controls: 1, 2, and 3 are to hold down different valves. Space bar is to play a note. Up and down arrows are to raise or lower the pitch. I hope you like it, and please comment what songs you played! *You don't have to download it, but the audio is much better if you do.


Play the Instruments

A very small Scratch music game, click the instruments to play them press the space key to stop the music. Play the piano, cymbal, drums, trombone, or more!


Scratch Music Tutorials


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This is a compilation for songs that are built in Scratch Noteblocks! (Or projects that have Noteblock scripts inside of them that play in the background)

Scratch Playlist: Epic Music Playlist

"Instead of using music from other sources, try supporting Scratches local musicians!"

Scratch Playlist: Original music pieces!

n the studio anyone can suggest original music pieces that can be composed by themselves or someone else! 

Scratch Playlist: The Best Music You'll Ever Find

"This is a studio for music that the managers get to chose the best!"

Let us know if we're missing any great Scratch music/rhythm games, or share tour own search creations in the comments below!

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