What's coming up with Mario Kart Tour, Summer 2019

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  1. Gameplay Demo Footage

Nintendo has been working away on their closed Beta of a new Android mobile game. Despite being announced in early 2018, we’ve yet to hear a single solid detail about Mario Kart’s first mobile entry. In early 2019 Nintendo pushed the game’s release from March to "Summer 2019," but hasn't announced a specific release date. In today’s earnings statement, the company reiterated that it will release the game in its 2019 fiscal year. Here are two screenshots of the beta gameplay.

"Coming in Summer 2019"

Nintendo, Mario Kart Tour Website

Expected to debut with touchscreen controls, players will be able to steer and drive their kart, similar to many infinite runner games. There seems to currently be over 30 characters available for play in the Beta, as well as a few more unlockable and ultra rare characters.

the beta information does suggest it will be 8-person multiplayer connecting over the internet

Nintendo’s mobile games usually require that the player be online but whether they’ll face off in live races or simply race around an AI populated track and try to establish themselves on a variety of leaderboards is currently unclear.

A big part of the fun in Mario Kart is the unpredictability of facing-off against real opponents, so we’d definitely like to see live races rather than a leaderboard system. 

According to Polygon, some early details indicate Mario Kart Tour may rely heavily on microtransactions, and there has been some indication of time-gating mechanics. There’s also a stamina system in place that limits playtime and requires players to wait until their hearts refill to keep playing.

Gems serve as the game’s premium currency, and they’re used to get random items from green pipes that could be anything from another driver to a new glider. These items and characters have unique bonuses depending on what stage they’re used on, Kotaku reports. Certain characters are indeed rarer than others, and rarer ones appear to have better bonuses. Coins exist as another currency to buy things from a store with rotating items.

2017 was the last time we saw a Mario Kart game was with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch. It was well reviewed and praised for its smooth gameplay, we hope Nintendo will keep this trend running in 2019 as Mario Kart 8 became the best-selling Nintendo Switch game on March 31, 2019.

Gameplay Demo Footage

Mario Kart Tour gameplay footage video

Are you as excited as we are about Mario Kart Tour?

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