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Technical Development

We provide training whether you're a programmer by trade or you're looking to improve your coding skills.

Design Thinking

Learn to integrate into the design process and build systems that directly address consumer needs.

Art Fundamentals

Conquer content creation and the tools of 3D art, shading and lighting, texturing, and modeling.


    Indie Video Game Studios

    Indie video game studios are usually run by a small number of people, and...

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    Video Game Publishers

    What do Video Game Publishers do? Real publishers can offer a wide range of...

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    Game Design & Development Courses

    Game Design & Development courses provided by are one of a kind, ad-free,...

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    The Gaming Industry

    What would we say if we could say anything about the gaming industry? Look...

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    Making Your First Game

    Making a video game for the first time can seem just as hard as...

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